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LIU Shu-Tsin - 劉淑卿, International Watercolor Painter


Mrs LIU Shu-Tsin-劉淑卿 is :
- Membre of the Taiwan Contemporary Artist Association,
- Membre of the Kaohsiung Elite Association of Fine Arts Promotion (Taiwan),
- Member of the Taiwan Modern Watercolor Association of International Watercolor League (Taiwan),
- International Palm'Arts Master (Belgium),
- Member of the Kaohsiung Gang Du Artists Inter Change (Taiwan) - 2010-2015,
- Represented by the Agora Gallery in New-York (USA) - 2012-2013,
- Member of the European Artistic Merit (Belgium) - 2009-2010,
- Member of the European Arts Academy (Belgium) - 2008-2010.


LIU Shu-Tsin-劉淑卿 hails from the island of Taiwan, where she practiced for over ten years the traditional Chinese calligraphy. There she won several prizes in singing and painting during her studies. After that she went to Belgium to study the concert singing, the opera singing and the lyric art at the conservatory where she got an Achievement Career in the "Théâtre de la Monnaie" in Brussel and was involved in a "Trio" in various concerts. It was during their presence in Belgium she practiced reflexology and approach of the European Painting Technique.

In 2007 she changed her artistic's expression mode to reach in 2010 a very special personal approach. To stand out among collectors, she had to find her own style, but she wanted to be more comprehensive both in technical design and especially the philosophical meaning of the performed work.

Therefore she merged her knowledge with traditional Chinese art of calligraphy with the European watercolor technique to achieve the "Watercolor Calligraphy".

Her oils and "Watercolor Calligraphy" are the result of her constant search for the fusion of her two cultures. The strength of the movement, calligraphied in the european painting technique, expresses and reinforces the merger.
The revealed Artistic expression seems abstract at first sight even though the philosophical meaning is revealed through figurative details.
This set of expression that merge abstract, figurative, calligraphical and philosophycal aspects reveal a complete expression means style of the artist. Unusual and unconventional because she initiate it. It is now through this personal approach that LIU Shu-Tsin expresses "her music through the colors of life".

"Taiwan"is her source of knowledge, ideas and her roots.