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LIU Shu-Tsin - 劉淑卿, International Watercolor Painter


Mrs LIU Shu-Tsin-劉淑卿 is :
- Supervisor in the Kaohsiung Chinese Floral Arts Association (Taiwan),
- Member of the Chinese Floral Arts Foundation (Taiwan),
- Chief Foreign Consultant in Western Painting for the Greater Kaohsiung QingXi New Literature Art Society (Taiwan),
- Membre of the Taiwan Contemporary Artist Association,
- Membre of the Kaohsiung Elite Association of Fine Arts Promotion (Taiwan),
- Member of the Taiwan Modern Watercolor Association of International Watercolor League (Taiwan),
- International Palm'Arts Master (Belgium),

- Member of the Kaohsiung Gang Du Artists Inter Change (Taiwan) - 2010-2017,
- Represented by the Agora Gallery in New-York (USA) - 2012-2013,
- Member of the European Artistic Merit (Belgium) - 2009-2010,
- Member of the European Arts Academy (Belgium) - 2008-2010.

Shu-Tsin is an artist who has been present for several decades in Europe where she has developed a unique painting method that combines the movements of traditional oriental writing in European oil and watercolour techniques. From abstract appearances at first glance, her paintings are composed of figurative and abstract elements in which oriental elements are integrated.

Her works have evolved since 2007, and three years later, they have revealed her own particular style and skills, influenced by Western and colourful techniques reflecting oriental philosophical thought. By living overseas for more than 40 years, her paintings radiate from now on her life experiences, acquired techniques and exhibitions realized on several continents.

"Taiwan" is his source of knowledge, ideas and roots.